Man Cave Lighting – The Essential Elements

What Makes Good Man Cave Lighting

Irish pub decor with man cave lighting

You might be building a man cave. You may already have one, but you are never done building. Anyway, one of the decisions that often gets short shrift is man cave lighting. You are so concerned about the other furnishings and where you’re going to put all you stuff, that you forget how important light is.: YOUR TEXT

It’s crucial and it deserves serious consideration.

How you illuminate your man space can make a huge difference on the atmosphere you create. Don’t just dangle a few bare bulbs or pop in a 4 foot fluorescent light fixture (unless it’s a garage man cave). You should give your lighting a lot of careful thought. It’s relatively inexpensive and can have a big impact.

Here are some tips and ideas when fitting out your lighting options.

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Consider the Overall Theme and Tone

The first step is to think about the big picture. What is the overall effect you’re going for? It helps to concentrate on your theme and tone.


Your theme? Yes, every man cave has a theme – whether intentional or not. The best ones have a well thought-out motif and all the elements are designed to showcase it.

Think about it. When a man decides (and gets the OK) to build his own space, he naturally displays the things he’s passionate about. So most man cave themes just grow organically as the proprietor starts working and tacking stuff to the walls. So it always helps to identify the themes and sub themes so you make the best decisions.

Think first about the brightness, color, warmth, cast, shape and pervasiveness of the light.

If it’s a garage man cave or the theme is NASCAR, you’re going to want brighter, cooler light – the same kind of lighting you might find in a shop.

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Maybe you have a sport-themed or game-room man cave. You might want brighter, warmer spot lighting. Perhaps some track lighting or frame mounted lamps to showcase your signed jerseys. Consider a lighted trophy case.  Where do you want your guests to focus?

You might want a dive-bar or Irish pub vibe to your room. Then you’re going to want spots of warm light mixed with shady areas and shadows.



Think of the overall tone or mood of your man cave. Is it cozy and relaxing, bright and lively, cool and slick. You know your friends better than anyone, what kind of atmosphere would they most enjoy?

Ultimately, you must try to imagine what your finished space will look like. You should be able to see and feel the ambient light in your mind before you even buy your first fixture.

✅Types of Man Cave Light Fixtures

man cave lighting industrial cage wall sconce


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Novelty or Specialty Man Cave Lighting