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Manly Decor

manly Leather Sectional sofa

The time has come to celebrate man cave decor. 90% of all furniture and decor is made to appeal to women. Maybe that’s for the best. (Sometimes our taste is questionable.) But most stuff is what some team of design school graduates feel would look nice and be acceptable to a married couple. It ends up being furnishings that are easy to mix and match for anybody.

Ultimately, it ends up being BORING and often times useless.

sofa table

100% Completely Useless


What Men Want

Listen, women want their home to “look nice”. They want attractive things scattered around just so, with little or no reference to anything personal – maybe a framed photo here or there.

Alternatvely, Guys have an intense desire to express themselves through the objects they collect.

wooden skull with knife statue

That’s gotta hurt

Men want to show the world what they love – what they are passionate about. That tends to be cars, beer, whiskey, cigars, sports, hunting, poker, pool – you know, manly pursuits.

You got a problem with that? 

Further, They want their surroundings to be manly, invigorating, exciting and masculine. Dudes generally like furniture with clean straight lines. They like dark wood, leather and metal – you know – manly materials.                                                   wood and metal bar stool


And they want furniture that’s durable, useful and comfortable and multi-functional. It’s our home, for crying out loud and furniture is supposed to be used not just looked at!

man with feet on leather ottoman



Lest you think men are merely interested in utilitarian items, They also like things that that have no other purpose but to make them smile or laugh. Men also have a sentimental streak that is at least as strong as a woman’s.

Our Purpose

So we started Manly Homestead to help men make a space that reflects who they are – a space that says “This is me!”  Sometimes it ain’t pretty, but, damn it, it’s fun and it’s HONEST. 

So our criteria are manliness, comfort, functionality, humor and how much something kicks ass.

We find, review and curate the coolest man cave decor for your approval.


Good taste is involved but is usually completely coincidental.

Happy Hunting!


John Bartsa